About Us

Ndabaga, (a Kinyarwanda name which means heroine) is a society based organization created in 2015 back in secondary school by three determined young women that were driven by a great passion of creating a platform that would enable young people and women to be able to show up confidently in their communities and impact their generation in a social and economic way.

This was after analyzing the challenging problem of illiteracy, incompetence, lack of adequate information and constructive ideas for youth that limit them to take an action in a self-development, family development and the country in general both socially and economically. Ndabaga Impact officially started running in 2018 early June until today.

Our Objectives

To identify the basic needs women and youth have that hinder their development.

To provide practical training and mentorship to women and youth

To offer advocacy to women and youth where they cannot easily reach in the government, private authorities…

To open a clear view to the post-genocide generation of what is expected of them in keeping peace and unity in Rwanda

To build a channel where all the initiatives can be successfully achieved using dialogue, arts and theater.

Engaging youth in research.

To ensure open dialogues where youth can learn history by visiting memorial sites.

To provide a sustainable platform to women and young people that enables them opportunities to start their own initiatives and run them effectively

To showcase brilliant innovative women and youth initiatives through exhibitions and pitching.

To offer a sustainable peace building education, critical thinking analysis skills and problem-solving skills through arts and dialogues.

To empower women and youth on self-reliance through self-development

To work hand in hand with the government and different institutions including non-governmental organizations so as to achieve a sustainable peaceful pace in Rwanda and Africa

To ensure women and youth are supported and empowered to improve their social and economic standards of living.

Our Vision

To see a Rwandan woman and youth developing socially in a peaceful space and growing into successful entrepreneurs so as to be able to impact their community in a positive way.

Our Mission

To create a platform that enables a woman and young people to have a sustainable peace building spirit and impact mission drive.

Why Women And The Youth?

After the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, the country was destroyed almost to nothing , over a million people were killed and the country remained with thousands of widows and over 75% of the population that remained were women. It would have never been anyone’s wildest dream that Rwanda would be the country it is 25 years ago, but Rwandans that fought for liberation knew exactly what they wanted for their motherland after seeing it crushed to ashes.

It is a fact that we, the Rwandan youth are the ones to take action in creating a sustainable impact in our country.

Just like anywhere in the whole world, over the years ago women have always been treated powerless and they were considered to only be house wives and were not given a proper opportunity to show up in public and contribute. Much worse in Rwanda women were never given an opportunity to study, they were always limited over certain options and to get involved in business and leadership was even more complicated. As time passed, the government started acknowledging the high capability of a woman and the powerful passion in her gave them a chance to study and now more than 50% now in the Rwandan parliament is women! On another side, over 65% of the total population of Rwanda is youth. Which means Rwanda of tomorrow is the youth of today and in that way young people should be trained, educated, disciplined, informed, supported and encouraged so as to be well equipped and prepared to become the country leaders of tomorrow in all sectors.

Projects And Activities

Ndabaga Impact is meant to be a voice to the ones that cannot be able to speak for themselves, a hand to help those that need to be supported and a channel through which that epic transformation we seek to make can be made from.

Ndabaga Impact believes in creating a social impact through ensuring a continuous peace building education to youth through history studies, improving researching skills, providing basic critical thinking analysis and problem solving knowledge through arts (poetry, music, drama, theater, and paintings), community servicing and social media influence and this will be done through forming clubs in secondary schools and universities.

Ndabaga Impact looks forward to create an economic impact through providing and delivering continuous business practical and theoretical trainings, where working with women cooperatives in sectors, and providing them a space for them to exhibit their made products, pitch for their projects both on the national and international level.

All Youth Engagement (AYE) Project

This is a project that aims at providing a sustainable platform to youth for a peace education through 3 approaches which are; Intergenerational dialogues, Arts and theater, And research. This is to open a clear view to the post-genocide generation of what is expected of them in keeping peace and unity in Rwanda through total engagements in solving problems affecting different sectors in Rwanda

Peace Education Youth Center

This will be a space where youth will be having for open dialogues, discussions, rehearsals, exhibitions and entertainment.

I Impact Exhibition.

This is an event that purposely aims at setting a platform for rising young entrepreneurs from different schools and areas across the country to exhibit their made products/projects and expose them.

Business creation trainings

These are events that aim at equipping young people and women with theoretical and practical business skills

Handcrafts and business generating items.

E.g: decors, bracelets, earings, sweaters…

Our Achievements in the past

Our Team

IRAKOZE Gisèle Sandrine

Founder and Executive Director

Mahirwe Sylvain

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist


Administration Officer


Programs Officer


Communications Officer & Content Specialist